No other wireless monitoring company can claim a closer relationship with healthcare than Sonicu. We pioneered the first NICU sound monitoring system in 2008 and have been working with healthcare thought leaders since then to continually expand and adapt our range of applications and programs.

Sonicu wireless monitoring systems use patented, leading-edge technology paired with a robust, cloud-based software platform that is easy to implement and access.

But Sonicu provides more than technology.

 Sonicu provides a program. A proven program with reporting and management tools that increase efficiency, improve patient safety and create healing environments. Programs that inspire strategies to effect authentic, lasting change.

Hospital Noise Reduction

Sonicu’s Sound Monitoring Program is the only system in the industry that empowers healthcare leaders with insight and intelligence to assess, improve and manage their sound environment.

Precise sound measurement and unmatched reporting capacity allows healthcare leaders to understand the causes and sources of unwanted noise.


  • Patient satisfaction
  • Patient experience
  • HCAHPS improvement

Remote Temperature Monitoring

Despite the legion of healthcare’s diverse and sometimes dissonant temperature applications, there is no alternative to temperature monitoring and logging; wellbeing and safety depend on it. 

Sonicu’s wireless temperature monitoring system provides a single solution that meets or exceeds all state and local healthcare regulatory and compliance requirements and standards, including the CDC’s Vaccines for Children program.


  • Pharmaceutical Storage & Compounding Rooms
  • Vaccines
  • Surgical Suites
  • Blood, Tissue and HCT/P’s
  • Dietary
  • NIST, ISO, USP, VFC & CDC Compliance and Reporting

System-wide Healthcare Enterprise Monitoring

Sonicu’s Enterprise Monitoring Program consolidates all wireless monitoring applications – sound, temperature, power, humidity, air pressure and other variables – into one seamless platform, bringing the benefits of scale and eliminating multiple vendors, solutions and technologies.

With Enterprise Monitoring, all of your environmental monitoring needs are met with a single program that grows with your system.


  • Consolidate diverse monitoring, logging and reporting needs into a single platform
  • Healthcare systems with multiple off-site locations
  • Growing enterprises that need to incorporate scalability into expansion
  • Healthcare systems utilizing multiple vendors, solutions and technologies