SONICU: Monitoring and measuring everything that’s important


At its core, SONICU’s mission to measure and monitor is more than cutting edge technology. It’s more than a business model. It is a mission rooted in the passion to protect and the desire to create a safe, healing environment. Its name says it all.

In 2008, SONICU founders designed a light- and sound-monitoring system to ease stress on premature infants at St. Vincent Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit in Indianapolis, Ind. SONICU’s inspiration was based on the personal experience of a founder’s son, who reacted negatively to increased NICU noise and light levels.

The company’s original system provided staff with real-time feedback on the NICU environment, allowing noise and light levels to be measured, monitored, and adjusted for optimal infant health.

Since that time, SONICU (a merger of the word son and NICU) has become the leader in high-tech, precision technology monitoring solutions. SoniCloud, a cloud-based software application provides real-time alarming, live dashboards, reporting, and trending accessible from any place in the world.

Packaged with its data sync feature, which assures data recovery after a power loss or other interruption, SoniCloud provides 24/7/365 monitoring without the necessity of expensive software or server installations.

Located in Greenfield, Ind., SONICU is now recognized as a leader in NICU monitoring technology. It continues to expand and integrate its systems into virtually all hospital and health care applications from pharmacy temperature to power monitoring on sensitive medical equipment, and physical plant operations.

Additional monitoring and measuring applications are deployed in manufacturing, food service, fleet monitoring, bio-tech and life-science, agriculture, and virtually any enterprise that requires critical component monitoring.

As a result of its world-class performance and technological advancements, SONICU has been recognized by Verizon Communications as an industry innovator. SONICU’s wireless solution acquires and securely sends critical client information to SoniCloud, which works independently or in concert with a client’s IT enterprise system, affording easy installation and additional network security.