Increased NICU sound levels are a major source of environmental stress for premature
infants. Sonicu began with one goal in mind: Help NICU’s manage sound levels to improve the
healing environment for the most fragile of patients.

Sonicu’s patented wireless sensors measure sound levels at the incubator or in the room and
provide visual alerting for immediate awareness. By combining noise level monitoring with local
visual alerts, Sonicu brings visibility to sound to help manage your NICU.

Sonicu Monitoring:

•  Includes comprehensive training for NICU staff and quarterly reviews with a Sonicu sound
   consultant to maximize application effectiveness.

•  Establishes your NICU’s average sound level (Leq) and works to set specific parameters for
   variances above established levels.

•  All data is transmitted to SoniCloud and available 24/7/365 in real-time or historical formats
   by phone, tablet or mobile device via text, email or voice call from anywhere.
   Data Sync virtually eliminates lost data due to power outage or other interruption.

•  Fully scalable and customizable platform operates independently or in conjunction with
   your enterprise’s existing IT system.

NICUs that use Sonicu technology know their sound numbers and
systematically improve the environment for the babies in their care.