A failure in pharmaceutical storage temperature can lead to significant financial loss, or worse, jeopardize patient safety.

SONICU provides a system-wide, cloud-based solution to automate temperature monitoring processes across all pharmacy departments. The customizable platform is fully scalable with 24/7/365 continuous monitoring and data archiving.

Temperature, humidity, power, and a variety of other points can be measured by SONICU’s flexible sensors, and the SoniCloud software platform provides alarm-handling, real-time and historical data views with remote access via PC or mobile devices from anywhere.

SONICU monitoring:

  • Protects valuable inventory with immediate reports and alerts.
  • Improves operational efficiency by eliminating manual monitoring, paper logs, and redundancy – one SONICU monitoring solution will provide state and federal regulatory data for multiple departments.
  • Provides effortless regulatory compliance with unlimited data storage and timely reporting that conform to NIST and ISO standards.
  • Operates independently or in conjunction with your enterprise’s existing IT system.

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