Your path to Growth and Prosperity

A Simple Reseller Model To Capture a Growing Market Opportunity


Imagine introducing a new product line with ZERO research and development costs. 

Imagine selling high value services that help your customers perform their job better and deliver undeniable ROI yet require ZERO investment for customer support from your organization. 

And learning all the skills which will shorten your sales cycles and maximize your deal sizes on a world-class eLearning platform with 3 minute training videos which are on-demand and free  

Imagine no more. 

Sonicu is here to help you expand your product and services offerings to your customers in the short term AND maximize your profitability and customer satisfaction in the long term. 

We deliver partner sales and technical support which will maximize the value you provide to your customers, your blended gross profit on every deal and help you drive long term customer lifetime value.

And Sonicu is here to provide you with the sales and marketing collateral that will make your business soar. We invest in the assets you need to convert your powerful relationships into cross-selling opportunities and additional revenue streams.

Learn more in a live webinar coming soon. 



How we help our customers perform better -

And help you drive revenue


  • Asset Protection: Drugs, Vaccines, Research. You can help protect them 
  • Compliance Automation: FDA, CDC, VFC. You can make it easy to comply
  • Eliminate Manual Logging: Give your customer time back, saving labor costs. 


We’re growing. And growing fast. 

We have powerful technology that helps anyone concerned with protecting their temperature or environmentally sensitive assets. 

And we are selling into an expanding market, translating to double-digit year-on-year growth. 

We’re competing against long-standing incumbents with respected brands and significant relationships. And we all know there’s nothing as powerful in business as a relationship built on trust. 

That is why we need you.

You've built trust with your customers and we want to help you expand the value you deliver by providing trusted monitoring technology and the opportunity to expand your services offerings to your valued customers  

We are focused on helping you grow your business and maximize your profitability.

Which means we want you to grow rapidly with us.

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What we sell: Peace of Mind & Unflinching Trust

We all worry. About our future, our children and our planet. And our reputations.

We know our customers are worried, too.

We’ve grown to serve more than 500 customers in all 50 states by delivering a simple, affordable and powerful technology solution to the likes of Stanford Medical Center, the University of Michigan Hospital System and many local food service warehouses where your family’s dinner passed through on its way to your dinner table.

We’ve grown by delivering peace of mind by helping our clients stay connected to the fragile and essential assets that are tied to their professional reputations.

At hospitals, that means life saving vaccines, blood, plasma and other temperature-sensitive treatments.

At food service and food shipping companies, that’s the perishable food items that demand the highest level of temperature protection to ensure your family eats safely tonight.

At research centers, it’s the sort of molecular materials that are being engineered to save the lives of cancer patients or combat Alzheimer's disease or multiple sclerosis.

Our customers, and your customers too, work tirelessly to serve the common good with safe medicines and food and powerful new drugs.

And our technology is designed to help them worry less, and focus more on their patients and clients. 

They are acutely aware that a single episode in which the assets under their care are put at risk can spell disaster for their business and their reputation.

Yet we know our prospects and customers demand to work with people and brands in which they place the highest level of business trust.

Joining our partner ecosystem is enrolling in a circle of professional trust, in which you can convert your personal and brand credibility into rapid sales and lifelong customer value.

You don’t need a highly technical background to succeed as a Sonicu partner. Expertise in cloud computing, temperature controls and excursions or mobile apps are not required.

You need trust.

The trust of your existing customers that will make the introduction of Sonicu asset monitoring solutions a natural extension of your existing business relationship.

And the trust in our team, to know we will be right beside you to close the sale, to ensure seamless integration and installation and to support the customer as they go about the serious business of protecting their operations.

Sonicu Dashboard Protects

Healthcare and Food Operations


How does it work?

First, ask yourself?

Do I want to make more money this year?

Would you like to make money four years from now on a sale you made today?

Would you like to build annual recurring revenue streams which provide you an ongoing opportunity to sell value added services?

Do you want to be part of an expanding market opportunity with a company that has grown rapidly to serve the most respected names in medicine, research and food service?

Do I want to help my business transition to the subscription economy and deliver recurring revenue regardless of our volatile business cycles?
Am I willing to invest the time, focus and energy to become a partner with Sonicu?

Take the courses to become certified, learn the products well enough to speak with authority to your customers, and cross sell into my current accounts?

That means learning what matters most to our shared customers and meeting them with an offer that will help them worry less about protecting their assets, a surprise regulatory audit or how efficient their staff is working.
If you answer yes to these questions, and you believe in growth. Follow the simple steps below…… 
Environmental Monitoring Simplified Graphic

What’s in it for me?

Becoming a certified Sonicu partner puts you in an elite group of integrators and solution providers monitoring some of your clients most essential and highly valued assets.

Our trusted channel ecosystem serves some of the most important industries in the world such as healthcare, universities (life sciences) research and food safety.

These global organizations require highly skilled professionals, protecting their most important assets.

A Sonicu partnership will help you sell more high value products and services into your EXISTING customers, improving your customer satisfaction.

Selling into your existing customers will deliver shorter sales cycles, a lower cost of sale and higher blended gross profit on every sale.

We will help you grow your service offerings to extend the value you provide to your customers and ensure high customer satisfaction


What is it?

A Sonicu partnership will accelerate the growth of your business by extending your product line to include monitoring, alarming and reporting.

Sonicu’s partner program has the highest blended gross profit margins in the industry at 46.5 percent compared to the typical 22 percent from other vendors 

  You can have Exclusive Accounts in 2022.
Define 25 exclusive accounts which we will jointly focus our sales efforts to reduce sales cycle times and help you deliver exceptional value to your existing customers.

   Simple and brief eLearning platform to provide all the education, skills and tools you will need to maximize the profitability of your Sonicu partnership.

      1. Leverage our Sonicu Services Accelerators to maximize your customer’s satisfaction and blended gross profit!

     2. Leverage our Sonicu Services Accelerators to maximize your customer’s satisfaction and blended gross profit!

   Leverage our Sonicu Services Accelerators to maximize your customer’s satisfaction and blended gross profit!

Sonicu will help you grow your services gross profit by teaching you how to sell AND deliver 12 Sonicu services offerings commonly required by Sonicu users to maximize your profitability and customer satisfaction.

The Sonicu Services Accelerators are broken into 4 categories:
- Implementation services
- Training services
- Service Packs
- NIST Calibration


Why should I become a Sonicu partner?

A Sonicu partnership will help you sell more high value products and services into your EXISTING customers, improving your customer satisfaction.

Selling into your EXISTING customers will allow you to have shorter sales cycles, a lower cost of sale and higher BLENDED GROSS PROFIT on every sale.

We will help you grow your service offerings to extend the value you provide to your customers and ensure a high Customer Lifetime Value of your existing customer base.

A Sonicu partnership will increase the valuation of your business because our commercial engagements are on a subscription basis creating long term, recurring revenue streams which have a dramatic impact on the value of your company versus a business that sell on project basis.

Sonicu helps you accelerate your monitoring revenue by supporting your sales efforts by dedicating Regional Sales Managers to assist in product demonstrations, FAQs, configuring and quoting of proposals and providing access to valuable resources which will help you meet all of your customer requirements.


How do I join?

Simply go to to register and our team of professional Regional Sales Managers will contact you to provide more information

Go to Sonicu University and enroll in our Partner certification program and we will contact you to support you on each step of the Sonicu partnership journey


Who should join?

Any company who has an existing base of customers who require monitoring (Temperature, pressure, humidity and sound), alarming and reporting to meet their regulatory or compliance needs.

Any company who wants to maximize their profitability by building or extending their services practices by offering new products to their existing customer base

Any company who wants to enjoy the benefit of having exclusive accounts which they can target and grow without the threat of field sales conflict

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When should I join?

Right now!  What are you waiting for?