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The average Sonicu customer saves $250K annually: The equivalent of one staff member’s time per 100 beds.

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Enterprise Monitoring for Hospitals
The most comprehensive environmental monitoring system for protecting valuable assets, adhering to compliance requirements, and increasing employee efficiency.

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Sonicu provides Enterprise Monitoring systems specifically designed for hospitals. By using wireless sensors and cloud-based software, your organization can unburden your staff from manual processes, protect critical assets, and easily achieve regulatory compliance.

With Sonicu, you can…

  • Prevent losses, improve patient safety, and protect critical assets
  • Save staff time by eliminating manual data logging of equipment and conditions
  • Simplify and standardize compliance-based reporting and calibration
  • Spot operational risks, quickly and easily
  • Provide timely, reliable reporting across the entire hospital in a single interface
  • Unburden IT utilization with remote, cloud-hosted solution (no IT resources required)

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Explore the many advantages of Sonicu's Enterprise monitoring, including:

  • One, unified system with multiple points of monitoring to protect your most critical assets
  • Automate manual processes, maximize talent and simplify compliance reporting
  • Fixed monitoring cost throughout your entire organization to establish quick ROI
  • Dedicated Enterprise support via an account manager
  • Sonicu’s whiteglove technology integration team ensures seamless adoption

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Enterprise Applications

Superior Operational Visibility with a Single Platform



Need to keep vaccines at a certain temperature? Want to monitor medications in fridges/freezers? Sonicu does that and more! From ambient temperature monitoring to humidity and differential pressure - we cover all pharmacy needs.

  • Temperature monitoring – monitors and protects pharmacy refrigerators, drug and vaccine storage.
  • Air pressure monitoring – ensures proper air flow in compounding rooms and other environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Humidity monitoring – ensures proper RH levels in compounding rooms and other environmentally sensitive areas.


Labs store some of the most crucial assets to a hospital’s enterprise, so why not keep it safe with remote monitoring? Sonicu supplies monitoring for cryogenic storage, -80 freezers, incubators, and more!

  • Temperature monitoring – provides 24/7 protection for irreplaceable research results.
  • Cryogenic monitoring – offers all-digital temperature probes for complete accuracy under demanding conditions.
  • Gases monitoring – Sonicu’s digital IoT meter pairs with most commercial sensors to monitor gases and other key/critical variables.


Facilities teams are the backbone to a hospital’s operation - keep them equipped with the monitoring they need. From leak detections, equipment status, room pressure, to contact closures. Sonicu provides a wireless monitoring complement to your BMS system to help keep your organization running.

  • Status change monitoring - monitors and protects from things such as leak detections, equipment status, room pressure, and contact closures.
  • Air pressure monitoring - ensures proper air flow to prevent contamination for clean rooms, soiled utility rooms, and more.

Dining & Nutrition

Anything a patient consumes while under the care of a hospital is required to be monitored and reported on. Sonicu can help alleviate the burden that dining and nutrition staff are tasked with and automate temperature monitoring and reporting.

  • Temperature monitoring – provides constant monitoring, logging and documenting of temperatures on line checks, walk-in coolers, and freezers.
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Surgery rooms require a lot of attention. One missed detail could mean bad news, so why not monitor the safety of it with Sonicu? From monitoring differential pressure to humidity to blanket and fluid warmers - we can help keep your surgery rooms safe. 

  • Temperature monitoring – for medication refrigerators, blanket warmers, and medical equipment for patient comfort and safety.
  • Air pressure monitoring - ensures proper air flow to prevent contamination, as well as automating compliance reporting and troubleshooting incorrect pressures.
  • Humidity monitoring – preserves patient safety, maintains sterile supply product integrity and shelf life, and documents RH levels and corrective action for excursions.
  • Room conditions monitoring – manage all room conditions to ensure safety and compliance.

Vaccine Clinics

Vaccine compliance is critical for any pharmacy, or physician's clinic. Maintaining guidelines and keeping careful records is crucial for compliance management. Sonicu can help monitor these vaccines and alleviate the burden of reporting for your staff. Plus, you’ll save more vaccines along the way with our SMART Alarm system!

  • Temperature monitoring - protects valuable vaccines and drugs, while automating and eliminating manual monitoring, logging, and reporting that is compliant with state and federal requirements and recommendations.
Vaccine Clinic - 1000x600

Patient Areas/Nursing

Nurses wear many different hats. From caretaking for patients to logging temperature data from fridges in their unit, it’s safe to say that alleviating the latter would be well accepted. Plus, implement our sound monitors to help keep patient areas quiet and patient experience up!

  • Sound monitoring - for improved patient outcomes and experience, as well as safety for neonatal patients.

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Sonicu Points of Monitoring

One Unified Monitoring System, Multiple Points of Monitoring


Temperature Monitoring

  • Medication Fridges
  • Medication Freezers
  • Blanket Warmers
  • Fluid Warmers
  • Walk-In Coolers
  • -80 Freezers
  • Cryogenic Storage
  • Kitchen Warmers
  • Lab Warmers
  • Heating Blocks
  • Incubators
  • Hydrocollators
  • Pipe Temperatures

Sound Monitoring

  • NICU
  • Patient Areas

Room Condition Monitoring

  • Ambient Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air Velocity/Air Changes
  • Oxygen Levels
  • Air Quality

Pressure Differential Monitoring

  • Clean Rooms
  • Surgery Suites
  • Isolation Rooms
  • Sterile Storage Rooms
  • Soiled Utility Rooms
  • Fire Stairwells

Status Change Applications

  • Water Rope/Leak Detection
  • Door Open/Door Close
  • Room Occupancy
  • Tank Levels
  • Dry Contact

Smart IoT Applications

  • MRI Machine Status
  • Chiller Machine Status
  • Vibration
  • Light
  • Power: AMPS, Volts
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The Sonicu Difference

We’re Different, and for Good Reason

Sonicu monitoring technology allows hospitals and healthcare enterprises to monitor, manage and protect across all departments with a single, cloud-based platform for uniform implementation, management and quality control.


SMART Alarming

  • Custom thresholds with high/low buffers to match equipment parameters for reduced alarm fatigue
  • Offline features such as batch alarm notification and auto-clear for improved operational efficiency
  • Alarm reminders to ensure all prior alarms have been addressed and cleared
  • Tiered, escalatable alarming to ensure notification goes to the right people at the right time

Automated Regulatory Compliance

  • Consistent automated logging and reporting streamlines regulatory compliance
  • Intuitive software allows annotations and corrective action history to be included in regulatory reporting
  • SNAP Calibration program eliminates the downtime, expense and administrative worries of annual or recurring probe calibration

Save Time + Money

  • Recover lost hours and labor costs consumed by manual monitoring and hand logging
  • SaaS-based platform requires no IT resources, network equipment, additional software or maintenance costs
  • Plug-and-play capability virtually eliminates installation costs
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“Our impetus in doing this was to take a look at our efficiencies. How could we streamline our processes so that we could further focus on service delivery and the overall patient guest experience?”

Martha Rardin, Director of Nutrition and Dietetics | Hendricks Regional Health

“The products they have are excellent, and they provide great quality and a much better service for our staff and for our patients. I look at the sound monitoring and I know that our wards and our input units are quieter. I look at the temperature monitoring and I know that we are safer because we can keep track of the temperature of the items that we have and the refrigerators and freezers.”

Steve Long President and CEO | Hancock Health, Hancock Regional Hospital

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How It Works

Enterprise Monitoring replaces manual or inadequate processes by installing wireless sensors that automate the monitoring, data collection, and reporting required for compliance related to medication and food safety, room conditions and equipment status.

Artboard 2

First, we assess the critical monitoring areas first: Pharmacy, Procedure Rooms, Isolation Rooms, etc.

  • Is the monitoring process adequate?
  • Is there a reliable alarm handling system in place for these areas
  • Is there a documented NIST recertification strategy in place for these areas
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Next, we look at other less critical monitoring areas where manual processes are likely in place, such as: 

  • Dining/nutrition fridges
  • Blanket warmers in surgery rooms
  • Pressure monitoring in non-critical areas (soiled utility, sterile storage)
Artboard 4

Then, we look at wireless monitoring applications that might complement the facilities team and BMS to help run the facility more efficiently.

  • Leak detection for equipment protection
  • Equipment status
  • Room conditions
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We match the appropriate size Enterprise Monitoring plan for your facility. Enterprise customers get:

  • Account Management for ongoing system optimization
  • Unlimited users, live customer support, technical support
  • Discounts on future sensor and hardware purchasing
  • Ongoing warranty of the hardware
  • NIST Certification via SNAP Calibration program


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You May Need an Enterprise Monitoring System, and We Make it Easy. Sonicu's consultative monitoring experts can help evaluate your hospital to see where automated monitoring will save you time, improve compliance, and continue focusing on operational safety and efficiency.

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