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Designed with safety, efficiency and compliance always top of mind, we’ve evolved over a decade with continuous improvements from customer feedback. Serving the healthcare, research and food service industries.

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Learn about solutions tailored to your industry

Designed with safety, efficiency and compliance always top of mind, we’ve evolved over a decade with continuous improvements from customer feedback. Serving the healthcare, research and food service industries.


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About Us

Sonicu was founded to help healthcare professionals create safer and more efficient facilities to drive better patient care. We’ve expanded to other industries focused on the same core values: safety and efficiency.

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Join a team building the future of safer and more efficient healthcare, research and food.

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Cryogenic and Ultra-Low Temperature Kits

Eliminate manual logging, improve compliance readiness and protect all your ultra-low temperature assets. 

Ultra-Low Temp Range: 0˚ to -205˚C


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See What Customers Say About Sonicu

Asset Protection. Compliance Automation. And Reduced Manual Processes.

Sonicu serves thousands of professionals at hundreds of organizations across North America by improving how they monitor and manage their most sensitive assets and environments.

Professionals from healthcare, life science, laboratory and cold chain facility management turn to Sonicu to help them improve the way they do business.

Asset Protection + Compliance Automation= Your Peace Of Mind.

Say Goodbye to Manual Logging, Tedious Compliance Reports and the Threat of Critical Asset Loss.
And say hello to cloud-based, 24/7 asset protection that unleashes your people, automates your critical reporting and delivers peace of mind that your critical environments are always protected.

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-80˚C Freezers

Ensure the integrity and viability of temperature-sensitive biological samples and reagents, which can degrade or become unusable if exposed to incorrect temperatures.

LN2 Lab Storage

Monitoring items in liquid nitrogen (LN2) lab storage is essential to maintain the extremely low temperatures required to preserve the structural integrity and biological activity of sensitive materials such as cells, tissues, and complex biomolecules.

Storage Facilities

Make sure consistent temperatures are maintained, preventing spoilage and ensuring the safety and longevity of perishable goods regardless of industry.


Monitor the rapid cooling process of products, in order to prevent the formation of large ice crystals. and Preserve the texture, nutritional value, and integrity of perishable items.

Cost competitiveness, great customer service, great control over the monitoring system, and low maintenance. You can't beat that.

Misa Hata
Laboratory Director and Regulatory Affairs Coach, Ohio University Innovation Center

Sonicu costs are considerably more reasonable than our historic system, as well as other competitors on the market. The equipment is robust but simple to learn and utilize.

Side view of serious researchers looking at computer screen in the laboratory
Zach Flohr,
Production and Engineering Manager, MiraVista

Having safe and secure storage provides reassurance that any future family building efforts will be protected. Sonicu gave us the ability to more easily put our head on the pillows and sleep easier at night knowing we had invested in a strong monitoring system.”

Dennis Marchesi - Xytex
Dennis Marchesi
Laboratory Director, Xytex



• 24/7 monitoring, access, and advanced alarms

• View all monitoring at all your on/off site facilities.

 • Web-based access from phone, tablet, or PC

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Cryogenic & Ultra-Low Temperature Monitoring Kits

Don't risk losing valuable assets due to equipment failure or power outage. 

Monitor and Protect:

  • Cryogenics / Cryosurgery / Cryotherapy
  • Scientific or Medical Laboratories
  • University Research Departments
  • CROs
  • Biologics
  • DNA / RNA
  • Reagents
  • Proteins
  • In Vitro
  • Flash-Frozen Foods
                       Cryogenic Temp Range: 0˚ to -205˚C
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Your Monitoring Questions. Answered Simply.

Monitoring technology is evolving constantly. We provide answers to the most common questions to help the industry understand how monitoring technology can protect your people, facilities and assets.

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The Sonicu Difference

  Advanced Alarming

Cloud-based software capabilities with predictive algorithms for tailored alarming to reduce alarm fatigue and spot trends.

  SMART Reporting

Automated logging and reporting unrivaled in the industry for effortless regulatory compliance.

   The Safest Network

Virtual Private Network (VPN) on Verizon's cellular platform that will eliminate security concerns when transmitting data to the cloud.

  Recalibration is Easy

All-digital temperature probes for easy calibration renewal with Sonicu's SNAP calibration program. 

      SMART Sensors

SMART sensors with proprietary DataSync capture. Preserve and secure data in the event of transmission interruptions.

  Battery Backup

Industry-leading battery life on all sensors. In the event of a power outage Sonicu's wireless sensors continue to keep you notified.

   Flexible Transmission

Replace server-based systems and eliminate IT concerns with a variety of transmission signals including: 4G cellular, radio frequency, WiFi, and Ethernet.

    Ensuring Consistency

Service quality and connectivity reports provide detailed analysis of system operations.

Cryogenic and Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Kits

An Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) freezer is a specialized refrigerator designed to store contents at extremely low temperatures, typically ranging from -80°C to -86°C (which corresponds to -112°F to -123°F).

These freezers are commonly referred to as “minus 80 freezers” or “negative 80 freezers,” reflecting the most common temperature standard1.

Here’s how ULT freezers are used and their key features:

  1. Long-Term Cryopreservation:
    • Unlike standard refrigerators or freezers that maintain temperatures around +4°C to -20°C (39°F to -4°F), molecular biology and life science laboratories require long-term cryopreservation for biological samples.
    • These samples include DNA, RNA, proteins, cell extracts, and reagents.
    • ULT freezers provide the necessary extremely low temperatures (−80°C to −86°C) to minimize the risk of sample damage.
  2. Sample Storage:
    • Biological samples are stored in polymer tubes and microtubules within ULT freezers.
    • These tubes are placed in storage boxes made of materials like cardboard or polymer plastics.
    • The storage boxes typically hold 64, 81, or 100 tubes each, and a standard ULT freezer can accommodate approximately 350 to 450 microtube boxes.
  3. Applications:
    • ULT freezers are widely used in various fields, including:
      • Research Laboratories: For preserving biological samples, enzymes, and other sensitive materials.
      • Pharmaceuticals and Biotech: Ensuring the stability of vaccines, drugs, and therapeutic agents.
      • Healthcare Facilities: Storing blood samples, tissues, and other medical specimens.




  1. Alarm Systems:
    • Many ULT freezers are equipped with alarm systems that remotely alert designated parties in case of a freezer failure.
    • This feature helps prevent sample loss due to temperature fluctuations or equipment malfunctions.
  2. Pull-Down Time:
    • The pull-down time refers to the duration required to cool down the ULT freezer from ambient temperatures to the selected ultra-low temperature (−80°C to −86°C).
    • Factors affecting pull-down time include insulation type, compressor efficiency, and internal metal shelves.
    • Modern ULT freezers can cool down within 3 to 5 hours.
  3. Energy Consumption:

In summary, ULT freezers are essential tools for preserving valuable biological samples and maintaining the cold chain in critical industries.

  1. Karolinska Institutet (Sweden):
    • Date: Christmas holidays in 2023.
    • Description: Research samples stored in tanks cooled with liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -190°C malfunctioned due to an interruption in the supply of liquid nitrogen. The samples were destroyed, impacting multiple institutions.
    • Value: The estimated value of the lost samples was reported to be around 500 million kronor (approximately £37 million), although the actual value was likely even higher. Researchers studying leukemia were severely affected.
  2. McLean Hospital Brain Tissue Resource Center (USA):
    • Date: 2012.
    • Cause: A freezer’s digital controls malfunctioned, resulting in the defrosting of 147 brain samples.
    • Impact: These samples were intended for future research and had been collected over years. The loss was significant for neuroscience research.
  3. Common Causes of ULT Freezer Failures:
    • Compressor Malfunction: Refrigerant-based compressors (e.g., propane or ethane) can fail, affecting temperature regulation.
    • Power Cuts: Backup power systems may be unreliable.
    • Electronics Malfunction: Digital temperature control systems can fail.
    • HVAC System Issues: Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning problems can impact freezer performance.
    • Human Error: Forgetting to close the freezer door can lead to temperature fluctuations.

These incidents highlight the critical importance of maintaining and monitoring medical freezers to safeguard valuable research samples. Researchers must remain vigilant to prevent such catastrophic losses.

Ultra-Low Temperature Monitoring

Ultra-low temperature monitoring is an advanced technology that plays a critical role in maintaining optimal conditions in certain environments, especially within the pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage sectors, and in industries that require stringent temperature control. These monitoring systems operate by gauging temperatures that fall significantly below zero degrees Celsius and sending alerts whenever such temperatures fluctuate beyond pre-set limits, preserving the quality and safety of stored materials or products.

- Sonicu’s cloud-based temperature monitoring solutions provide comprehensive data that can be accessed from any location for real-time checks, ensuring the highest standards in temperature control.

The automation in temperature monitoring systems has transformed the way industries work, improving accuracy and efficiency while decreasing human error.

Automatic temperature monitoring systems use smart sensors to continuously monitor temperature levels, eliminating the need for manual logging and providing 24/7 visibility into the conditions.

- Sonicu’s automatic temperature monitoring system is a witness to its commitment towards providing efficient, accurate, and real-time temperature monitoring solutions, enhancing overall productivity.

Cloud-based temperature monitoring is yet another advancement, enabling real-time data access from any location via the internet. The data collected is transmitted to a secure cloud server for storage and easy accessibility. This technology reduces data loss risk and ensures temperature-sensitive materials are kept within a safe temperature range.

- Sonicu’s secure cloud-based platform collects, transmits, and stores data from multiple locations, offering an unprecedented scalability level and serving a spectrum of industries.

Industrial temperature monitoring systems are the backbone of several segments that demand accurate and consistent temperature readings. These systems comprise multiple sensors to measure and monitor variations in temperature, ensuring the stability of products and the overall production process.

- Sonicu’s industrial temperature monitoring systems seamlessly streamline operations that demand high-level temperature control and consistency, ensuring quality and operational equilibrium.


The market is flooded with an assortment of temperature sensor types, each boasting different functionalities and benefits.

These sensors play a critical role in temperature monitoring systems, gauging conditions and signaling any temperature fluctuations beyond set parameters.


- Sonicu showcases an array of sensors ideal for various industries, reinforcing the brand's position as a provider of reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use monitoring solutions.

Web-based temperature monitoring enables users to leverage online tools to monitor and control temperature conditions. By providing real-time access to collected data from virtually anywhere, these systems enhance operational efficiency and reduce potential risks.


- Sonicu’s web-based system forms an integral part of its wide-ranging monitoring solutions, providing clients with secure, instant access to temperature condition metrics from any online device. It further signifies Sonicu's dedication to technological advancement and digital solutions.


ULT-single-temperature-kit-group copy-1


Cost Aspects Of Ultra-Low Temperature Monitoring

In the world of industrial monitoring, one of the major considerations is undoubtedly ultra-low temperature monitoring. This trend extends to various industries including healthcare, food production, and scientific research. With this unique monitoring method, industries can maintain the utmost product integrity and safety, but what are the cost aspects associated with this advanced technology?


Ultra-low temperature monitoring is an advanced system that translates into a significant investment for businesses. The initial setup costs include the expenditure on high-quality monitoring equipment, the implementation of the software system, and training personnel to operate it effectively. Moreover, over time, maintenance costs crop up, including routine inspections, part replacements, and potential system upgrades. Not to forget that malfunction or downtime could lead to additional expenses.


* Sonicu's ultra-low monitoring systems help mitigate such costs by providing reliable services and minimizing the risk of costly down-time. 


When looking for the best industrial temperature monitoring system, factors such as accuracy, system reliability, data accessibility, and cost could top the list. These systems should provide an accurate, real-time temperature tracking with robust alert systems in case of any anomalies. All these contribute to the overall cost, emphasizing the need for careful consideration while making a choice. 


* Sonicu provides a range of industrial temperature monitoring systems that balance cutting-edge features with cost-effectiveness, making them an excellent choice for many businesses.

Industrial temperature monitoring system manufacturers offer a vast array of systems, all differing in features, capabilities, and, significantly, costs. Choosing a manufacturer, therefore, becomes an important decision that could determine the expenses borne by a business over several years.

* Sonicu, as a competent and reliable manufacturer, delivers cost-effective ultra-low temperature monitoring systems with excellent features.

In essence, the ultra-low temperature monitoring costs cannot be disregarded. The investment may appear substantial at first, but a well-chosen system could potentially save industries millions in losses over time by preserving the integrity of sensitive materials.


* Sonicu champions this cause by offering efficient temperature monitoring solutions that ensure safety while being considerate of the investment required.


Understanding Temperature Probes

Temperature probes, a pivotal component in contemporary monitoring systems, must be properly understood for efficient utilization. Armed with an impressive suite of capabilities and applications, these tools often contribute significantly to the measurement of temperatures, particularly within the scope of temperature monitoring systems for homes.


Cryogenic temperature sensor, a subtype of these temperature probes, is notable for its use in extraordinarily cold conditions, often in industrial settings. These sensors serve an irreplaceable role in restricting temperatures to a specific degree, especially those that could induce damage to intricate machinery or degrade the quality of certain products.


Delving into the specifics, it's clear that there are significant differences between mild temperature probes and ultra-low temperature probes. While both are designed to ascertain and maintain temperature, ultra-low temperature probes are engineered for operation within exceedingly harsh, cold conditions, with these measures often going beyond what is normally regulated within a domestic configuration.


To illustrate, individuals who use a temperature monitoring system for home, could utilize a conventional temperature probe to maintain a pleasant atmosphere. On the other hand, an ultra-low temperature probe might be requisite in the scientific realm, where meticulous temperature control is needed for sample preservation.


Sonicu provides cloud-based monitoring solutions which can incorporate cryogenic temperature sensors.  Our Temperature probe, capable of operating in ultra-low conditions, serves a diverse range of industries.


Lastly, it's imperative to mention the cost factor.

While purchasing these tools might seem economically taxing, the benefits associated with them often far outstrip the initial investment.

In the long run, temperature probes, may result in a substantial return on investment by averting equipment turmoil or product spoilage in industries such as healthcare, food processing, and biological research.


 Sonicu offers cost-effective solutions, amalgamating incredible functionality with affordability to offer monitoring systems suitable for a variety of industries.


Floorplan DesktopMix


In conclusion, understanding temperature probes, specifically cryogenic sensors and ultra-low temperature probes, provides an opportunity to harness their energy-efficient properties for enriched temperature control whether in industrial or residential settings.


  • Sonicu upholds this essential understanding, providing advanced temperature monitoring systems and probes to meet a varied array of demands.


Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

Immersing into the realms of wireless temperature monitoring systems brings us face to face with potent technological advancements. These systems extensively facilitate and add value to various industries and laboratories. Not merely restricted to detecting and recording temperatures, they strain the tether of conventional thermometers by incorporating the wire-free facility. This empowers professionals to continuously supervise temperature levels from remote areas, thus optimizing operational efficacy and minimizing the scope of human error. Relating this to Sonicu, we can clearly observe:

- Sonicu's proficiency in providing WiFi based, fully autonomous temperature monitoring systems

- Their commitment to enhancing user convenience with digital, wireless connectivity.


An essential arm of this technologically rich field is the industrial wireless temperature monitoring system. Specially designed to fulfill the niche requirements of large-scale industrial settings, these systems offer superior precision, durability, and customization. They triumphantly grapple with the challenges of distant monitoring and harsh environmental conditions, offering comprehensive monitoring of equipment, processes, and storage areas. When we gauge this aspect in light of Sonicu's offerings, we find:

  • Sonicu's industrial systems are powered by their patented Sonicu Measurement technology.
  • They offer real-time enterprise-wide monitoring, tailored to meet varied industrial requirements.

Next, the wireless surface temperature sensor, a compact and reliable device, significantly contributes to this field. 

Apart from general temperature recording, it provides valuable data about heat transfer rates and efficiency, vital for industries like HVAC, food production, and more. 


Inspecting Sonicu in this context, highlights:

- Sonicu's ability to provide cloud-based sensors, granting seamless data accessibility.

- Their sensors offer superior wireless connectivity, making them suitable for detecting surface temperatures.


Wireless temperature monitoring systems are vital in laboratories, due to their accuracy, adaptability, and convenience. 

Such wireless temperature monitoring systems for laboratories help in maintaining stringent environmental conditions, making them indispensable for:

  • vaccine storage 
  • blood banks
  • cleanrooms 

Linking the merits of these systems to Sonicu, we discover:

  • Sonicu product range successfully caters to varied laboratory needs with location-specific monitoring.
  • Their wireless systems facilitate the easy collection, analysis, and sharing of temperature data for laboratories.


The construction of a wireless temperature monitoring system project involves detailed planning and intricate implementation, putting such systems under the spotlight for research and academia. 

Not only does it provide essential practical aspects but it prompts innovation, enhancing and broadening the existing capabilities of these complex systems. 


Sonicu, in this context, is contributing immensely:

- Sonicu is revolutionizing the temperature monitoring field with its research-backed systems.

- Their advanced projects seek to expand the horizons of wireless temperature monitoring.


Specific Temperature Monitoring Applications

Specific temperature monitoring applications are an essential element in various industries, predominantly in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and food sectors. 

These applications are crafted to maintain and control certain temperature parameters, ensuring the safety and integrity of temperature-sensitive products.

One such application is the temperature monitoring for medicines. Medicine temperature monitoring is crucial in the healthcare sector for product longevity, efficacy, and safety. 

Various drugs and vaccines call for stringent temperature controls to stay effective. 

A minor temperature fluctuation can lead to significant consequences, making the medicine ineffective or even harmful. Sonicu's cloud-based temperature monitoring solutions have been pivotal in preventing such mishaps, with their 24/7 wireless tracking systems ensuring maximum safety.

  • Sonicu provides an excellent adjunct to disposable monitoring systems with their easily deployable wireless solutions.

Among the assortment of temperature monitoring applications, Sirius temperature monitoring systems distinguish themselves with their user-friendly interface and reliable performance. These attributes resonate with Sonicu's solutions, which offer a robust, intuitive platform and reliable wireless monitoring systems. 

  • Sonicu's user-friendly, reliable systems align seamlessly with Sirius’ solutions, offering an efficient, dependable alternative.

As per WHO temperature monitoring guidelines, it's paramount to have an efficient, reliable, and responsive temperature monitoring system. 


Sonicu's application fits right into these guidelines, offering real-time data, automated reports, and swift alert systems, thereby ensuring round-the-clock temperature monitoring.

  • Sonicu’s temperature monitoring solutions adhere to WHO guidelines, with their real-time data, automated reports and swift alert systems promising consistent temperature monitoring.

In conclusion, specific temperature monitoring applications, from medicine storage and disposable systems to user-friendly notification systems, play a pivotal role across several industries. 

Sonicu remains at the forefront, ensuring these applications perform optimally while adhering to the highest standard protocols.

Learn more about remote wireless monitoring solutions.

Sonicu's resource library has the answers you're looking for to remedy your healthcare monitoring woes. Visit our resource center by clicking the button below:

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