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Sonicu Launches New Building Management Solution Device to Increase Facility Management Visibility

Posted by Bryan Mitchell on Jun 13, 2022 9:33:11 AM



Data Concentrator Bundles Monitoring Data from Across an Enterprise for

Enhanced Situational Awareness, Safety and Efficiency 


GREENFIELD, Ind. - On the heels of its launch of the SoniShield View display meter, Sonicu is introducing a complementary device designed to further improve visibility and safety across enterprise health systems. 


The Data Concentrator is a powerful, off-the-shelf integration device that provides a constant data stream from diverse monitoring points to a facility’s building automation (management) system. 


It’s designed to be easy to install, simple to scale across an enterprise without IT support and boasts powerful redundancies like other Sonicu devices to ensure connectivity during outages. 


"Sonicu customers have always had the ability to leverage our cloud-based monitoring platform for stand-alone continuous monitoring and reporting,” said Joe Mundell, Chief Revenue Officer, Sonicu. 


“The addition of the Data Concentrator to our platform allows our clients that wish to integrate sensor data into their existing BAS/BMS platform a simple, cost-effective solution for wireless BacNet or Modbus integration. 


This eliminates the complexity associated with "wiring" sensors to BMS/BAS. This "wireless BacNet integration" is a game-changer for our customers.”


“Together, these devices and the SoniCloud platform make it simple and affordable for new construction or existing facilities to integrate air pressure differential, ambient temperature,  and humidity monitoring without the need of running wires across your facility and to funnel all that data into a central building management system where professionals can respond to excursions promptly,” said Jason Young, Chief Technology Officer, Sonicu. 


Sonicu Chief Revenue Officer echoed that sentiment. 


When coupled with Sonicu’s reliable suite of remote wireless probes, sensors and meters, the Data Concentrator delivers actionable trending and diagnostic capabilities alongside the existing BAS/BMS. 


“We continue to innovate at Sonicu with a simple goal: creating the safest and most efficient facility for our diverse base of customers,” said Jason Young, Chief Technology Officer, Sonicu. 


“The Data Concentrator accomplishes what its name implies, concentrating dense data from across an complex enterprise and making each data point simple to see and act upon in the event of an issue that could impact safety or efficiency. 


For instance, sensor data from different locations can be simply integrated into a single BAS/BMS without the need for complex wiring or networking.” 


The Data Concentrator runs on AWS IoT Greengrass, a secure embedded operating system specifically designed for IoT devices. The device features ethernet and cellular connectivity to ensure that Sonicu data can easily be transmitted from SoniCloud to the Data Concentrator. 


The Data Concentrator solution requires two steps:


  1. In coordination with Sonicu, sets up a profile that includes which points of monitoring should be reflected on the Data Concentrator. 
    1. This includes setting up ‘slot mapping’, which tells the customer which point of monitoring in SoniCloud should be replicated to which ‘slot’ in the Modbus/BACnet memory map.
  2. The customer programs their BAS/BMS to connect to the Data Concentrator via either Modbus/TCP or BACnet IP, which are the two most common communication protocols depending upon their preference. 


Facility managers  may query the Data Concentrator for data, translate the information into the format desired for their system, and load the content into their BAS/BMS. 

The Data Concentrator replicates point serial numbers, the time at which the most recent reading occurred, and the value of the most recent reading. 


If customers require additional information to be available in the Data Concentrator, they should contact  Sonicu to collaborate on further development needs.


“Our history at Sonicu is one of listening closely to our customers and innovating to meet their requirements, and we anticipate that trend to continue as facility managers take advantage of the powerful wireless scaling abilities of the SoniShield View and Data Concentrator,” Young said. 


"If you want to monitor a , but your facilities people are dead-set on having that data in their BAS, you can do it easily with the data concentrator. That way your non-facilities people can use SoniCloud and benefit from the reporting/alarming/etc capabilities while facilities can see the data in their 'natural' system"


Based in Indiana, Sonicu is a leading provider of temperature and environmental monitoring solutions that serve the healthcare, life sciences, pharmacy and food service industries. 


Founded in 2008 to monitor sound in the neonatal intensive care units, Sonicu has evolved into a leading provider of monitoring for cold storage temperature, air pressure differential as well as ambient temperature and humidity. 


Sonicu serves more than 500 customers in every state with its affordable, scalable and powerful solutions that help customers protect precious and perishable assets, improve operational efficiency by decreasing manual processes and improve compliance readiness with its powerful reporting. 


“We recognize the challenges faced by healthcare professionals as they strive to meet ever stricter regulatory requirements and digitize more of their operations for increased efficiency and are committed to creating a consultative and collaborative installation and integration process focused on affordability and simplicity of operations,” Young said.