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Safety from start to finish

From manufacturing to dispensing, Sonicu wireless monitoring provides safety, protection and efficiency with wireless monitors, cloud-based, customized alarming and automated compliance reporting.

Digital probes and temperature meters

  • Fully NIST-traceable and ISO 17025 compliant probes and sensors are thermal buffered and meet all state and federal regulations and recommendations.
  • SNAP Calibration eliminates downtime and expense associated with conventional annual calibration.
  • Pair with Sonicu digital temperature meters for plug-and-play deployment.
  • Multiple networking capabilities meshes several units into a unified system via 900 MHz with data transmission to the cloud by 4G cellular, WiFi or Ethernet. No IT required.

SoniCloud Platform

  • Proprietary DataSync feature eliminates lost data due to transmission interruptions.
  • 24/7 access from anywhere; no IT or servers required.
  • Custom, tailored SMART alarming with predictive algorithms to spot trends and reduce alarm fatigue.
  • Virtual Private Network on Verizon's cellular platform that eliminates security breach concerns.

Automated Logging & Reporting

  • Eliminates hand logging and manual processes.
  • Automatically generates reports in regulatory-compliant format.









Select Your Application 


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - medication being producted on a line


Temperature, humidity, air pressure and critical variable monitoring for clean rooms.

Pharmaceutical Distribution - Large Warehouse


Temperature, air pressure and humidity monitoring. 

Pharmacies - pharmacists at work


Temperature, air pressure and humidity monitoring. 

Contract Research Organizations - Man doing lab work

Contract Research Organizations

Temperature, air pressure, humidity, cryogenic and ultra low monitoring.