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Designed with safety, efficiency and compliance always top of mind, we’ve evolved over a decade with continuous improvements from customer feedback. Serving the healthcare, research and food service industries.

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Learn about solutions tailored to your industry

Designed with safety, efficiency and compliance always top of mind, we’ve evolved over a decade with continuous improvements from customer feedback. Serving the healthcare, research and food service industries.


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About Us

Sonicu was founded to help healthcare professionals create safer and more efficient facilities to drive better patient care. We’ve expanded to other industries focused on the same core values: safety and efficiency.

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Join a team building the future of safer and more efficient healthcare, research and food.

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Customer Stories: Safety, Compliance & Efficiency. 

Protecting sensitive operating rooms from humidity threats in a South Texas hospital. 

Helping hospital pharmacy leaders in Illinois protect perishable drugs from freezer failures. 

Automating compliance for an Indiana county health department deploying thousands of vaccines. 

And even helping the Boy Scouts protect their food supply from an aging walk-in cooler at a secluded Ohio campground. 

If you care about temperature and environmental integrity at your facility, Sonicu has a story showing how we help professionals like you protect assets, automate compliance and reduce manual processes. 



Drug mart

Discount Drug Mart: Power Outage Protection + Compliance Automation

Transitioning from manual temperature logs and reactive power outage management to a comprehensive cloud-based monitoring solution, Discount Drug Mart has revolutionized its approach to pharmacy operations and compliance. 

Adopting Sonicu's advanced system, this Ohio-based retail pharmacy chain now benefits from seamless temperature monitoring and real-time power outage alerts across its 77 locations.



Hendricks Health: From Nutrition to the OR

What began as an opportunity to improve compliance and safety in the nutrition department evolved over time to serve the entire facility. 


From the operating rooms and compounding pharmacies to the satellite locations and even the local YMCA which includes a rehabilitation facility. Hendricks Health upgraded their monitoring to improve patient safety and streamline tedious compliance. 



Portrait of a female doctor holding her patient chart on digital tablet in bright modern hospital

IU Health: Enterprise Monitoring 

From the challenges of a locally based server and multiple monitoring solutions to a single cloud-based solution serving many departments and locations, IU Health evolved with Sonicu to satisfy more of their monitoring needs. 


Today Sonicu serves more than a dozen locations across the state's largest health system as well as the IU School of Medicine, where pioneering treatments rely on Sonicu's monitoring to keep them safe as they migrate from bench to bedside. 



Great Lakes Bay Health Centers: Immunization Monitoring 

Great Lakes Bay Health needed a temperature monitoring solution for their vaccines. They looked to Sonicu to help them automate this process and allow routine checks to be made on their mobile device.


In a large hospital system such as Great Lakes, with many locations and cold storage devices, the done-for-you calibration program can translate to significant time savings for key staff.

Sonicu makes it easy for their team to focus on patient care while our team delivers, installs and validates their calibrated temperature probe, ensuring seamless compliance. 



Great Lakes Centers New
Happy little boy after health exam at doctors office

SUNY Downstate: Protecting Children's Vaccines

Physician's Assistant Gail Solomon needed an affordable, trusted and, most of all, simple to install and use, monitoring solution for her clinic's vaccine supply. 

An open fridge door nearly cost the clinic a batch of vaccines, so they went in search of 


Your Questions Answered:

Our Expertise Shared. 

You have questions about cloud-based monitoring. How does the installation work?

How do the sensors communicate?

Can we set up department views, alarm trees and phone call alerts? 

All of these and more are answered in our COMPREHENSIVE FAQ

Learn about:

  • Software reports build specifically for your industry 
  • The AWS Cloud and how it scales to secure your monitoring data indefinitely 
  • Our robst U.S.-based phone support with product experts 


Cryopoint: Mission-Critical Monitoring

Storing more than 250,000 samples for more than 3,000 life science, laboratory, pharmaceutical and individual clients, Cryopoint is a leading biorepository with temperature storage down to -196 C.  

The Cryopoint staff turned to Sonicu after their legacy monitoring solution had calibration challenges that impacted operations and put their samples at risk.

They also migrated from a server-based system to SoniCloud and its mobile-first solution. 




Ohio University Innovation Center 

An adjunct of the southern Ohio campus, the Innovation Center serves as an incubator for tech and tech-enabled startups that often require support systems in their laboratories. 

The innovators working on the frontiers of science rely on Sonicu for temperature and environmental monitoring, including ambient humidity and air pressure differential. 

Many of the projects are grant-funded, making protection programs like environmental monitoring required. 

Xytex Logo

Xytex Sperm Bank

Too many false alerts were causing alarm fatigue that was threatening their operations.

Xytex worked with Sonicu to build a custom temperature monitoring ULT and Cryo temperature monitoring solution that included probes inside and outside of their preservation chambers. 




Barbecue in nature, group of children  preparing sausages on fire

Boy Scouts: Protecting Campers from a Temperamental  Walk-in Cooler 

An aging walk-in cooler on a remote campground facility in Ohio presented unique challenges. When the cooler failed and the organization lost tens of thousands in food, the Boys Scouts turned to Sonicu to meet their unique requirements. 

Volunteer campground managers needed a system that was easy to install, connected with a mobile app and would not break their non-profit budget. 

They also sought to automate their twice-daily manual logging required by Boy Scout policy and enforced by state regulators. Sonicu helped them achieve all of this, and even helped diagnos the root of their problem. 




Hamilton County, Indiana Health Department 

Protecting vaccines from potential temperature excursions and meeting state compliance requirements was the goal of Hamilton County Health Department when they went in search of a monitoring solution to replace their aging analog system. 


They also received a mobile app to keep them connected from anywhere and a robust support team that helped them better manage their remote COVID-19 vaccination programs. 




Julie Nagle at Hamilton County Health Deaprtment

Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital: Pharmacy Monitoring for Remote Clinics

A pharmacy director leverages the simplicity of the Sonicu installation system to deliver affordable temperature monitoring and deploys the mobile app to dozens of employees at clinics across Illinois. 

Responding to a loss of drugs after a freezer failure, the team at KSB also upgraded their Board of Pharmacy audit readiness. 




KSB Logo


Nomi Health

Nomi Health: Fast installation, simple deployment

A healthcare technology startup needs to scale quickly and monitor cold chain storage devices located across the country. 

Their cold chain manager quickly trained reps across the country to install the temperature probes and manages a central command center for enterprise visibility. 




Chef's Commissary

A Florida-based food service manufacturer turned to Sonicu for their temperature monitoring needs to automate compliance and have reliable data to share with their landlord to improve refrigeration performance. 

The executive chef installed the system himself and said, "If I can do it, anyone can do it." 




Chef old

Cleanslate: Addiction Treatment Centers 

A Boston-based addiction treatment center with regional offices across the United States, CleanSlate selected Sonicu after comparing several competing providers. 


Affordability and the simplicity of self-installation across remote locations made Sonicu their choice. Learn how the unique medical provider is tackling the addiction crisis with compassion. 


And leveraging cloud-based technology like Sonicu to improve how they manage growth across the United States. 




UHS: South Texas Health System, Edinburg

A Texas facility manager had a problem: 

Every testing of the fire alarm system prompted the conditions in the Operating Rooms to go out of specification. 

Enter Sonicu's simple and affordable environmental monitoring system 

He quickly leveraged the system to learn the fire alarm tripped the HVAC system, forcing the rooms out of spec nearly immediately. 

And now his team is not donning "Bunny Suits" to check the conditions of his sensitive rooms conditions. But relying on their Sonicu mobile app to view the facilities from anywhere. 








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