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A True Innovation in Environmental Conditions Monitoring: Introducing the SoniShield Duo

Posted by Joe Mundell on Aug 30, 2021 4:23:24 PM



When it comes to preserving and storing vaccines, patient foods, medications, and other precious materials, the stakes are high. Blood, serum, plasma, and other biological matrices offer critical insights into patient health and drug efficacy that can be lost forever if they are not stored under the proper conditions. The same can be said about expensive and oftentimes scarce drug compounds, which are critical to disease prevention and patient care. 


Of course, there are countless challenges to monitoring refrigerators, freezers, and ambient environments. Manually collecting storage data can be a painstaking process, and compiling that data for regulatory compliance can be complicated; power outages and network disruptions can make it challenging to monitor environmental changes; and from time to time, human error can result in the loss of valuable materials. Automated, sensor-based monitoring may seem like a good option, but most applications on the market are difficult to implement. 

Sonicu understands that maintaining the integrity of your storage environments can be challenging, time-intensive, and costly. That’s why we have developed the SoniShield Duo and our new SoniCloud mobile app, creating the most powerful and user-friendly wireless monitoring device and software platform available to streamline your monitoring practices and decrease the risk of preventable mishaps with an easy implementation process. 

20210806_094744The SoniShield Duo was designed for monitoring refrigerators, freezers, and ambient conditions. Using on-board Bluetooth technology, it wirelessly pairs with an optional local display where local alarming is desired. The device wirelessly transmits data to our SoniCloud platform for 24/7 automated monitoring, visibility, and regulatory-compliant reporting. In addition to local memory storage that stores years of data, and protects data during network disruptions, the SoniShield Duo contains a powerful on-board battery built to power the device long-term in the event of a power outage. By utilizing Mobile DataSync, users are able to access the SoniCloud mobile app to see and upload real-time data when no primary network connection exists, providing built-in redundancy.

The Duo is compatible with any combination of two Sonicu NIST-certified digital sensors. Our SNAP Calibration Program ensures regulatory compliance by providing freshly calibrated sensors with NIST certificates. The device can be used to monitor a wide range of temperatures from hot environments to LN2, humidity, air pressure differential, as well as solid and glycol-buffered product simulation.

iphone-DUO-summary-screenUsers can leverage our powerful new mobile app (available for iOS and Android) to respond to temperature alarms, view sensor data, and configure the hardware in seconds. This first-of-its-kind tool is as user-friendly as your everyday consumer product, making the entire process of setting up and implementing your Duo device seamless. The app comes with several features, including an enterprise dashboard, an active alarm summary, alarm details, network connectivity information, file uploading capabilities, zone view, and more.

The Duo has countless real-world applications for refrigerators, freezers, and ambient environments in research and testing labs, hospitals, pharmacies, public health clinics, data centers, food safety facilities, and beyond.

Interested in learning more about how the SoniShield Duo could transform your environmental monitoring practices? Fill out the form below to hear from one of our friendly representatives at Sonicu.


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