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How Manual Data Logging is Failing Your Organization

Sonicu is the leading USA based provider of automated remote monitoring solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, data centers, and more.



Manual data logging is used to monitor and report on the status of mission-critical equipment and assets, and has a long history that goes back at least to 1866 when Sir Thomas Clifford Allbutt invented an analog thermometer (see timeline below). While it's true that many organizations still rely on manual data logging procedures, it's also true that the wide-spread adaption of wireless networks and sensor based, automated monitoring and data-logging systems are much more cost effective, reliable, and accurate. Automated systems provide users 24/7, web-based access to all monitored locations and also provide data-driven insights detailing an organizations efficiency and efficacy, helping decision makers achieve and maintain competitive advantage in their respective industries.


From today's perspective, the problems with manual data logging include;

• Manual record keeping is subject to human error, outright neglect, or even falsified reporting.

• Manual inspections, data logging, and reporting are time consuming tasks that take employees away from their primary responsibilities, and although the devices are inexpensive, they actually cost a lot more in the long run.

• Manual data logging only provide snap-shot views of your operations, and can give a false impression. 

Why are organizations slow to implement automatic wireless monitoring?

Often, it's a case of “we've always done it this way”, or managers may be reluctant to introduce new technology to their organization, fearing a lack of support from their executive team or other departments. What they don't realize is automatic monitoring is a reliable, mature technology, that pays huge dividends in ROI (return on investment) and operational efficiency year after year.

The question facility managers and department heads should be asking is;
Does the technology we employ meet the immediate and future needs of our organization?


The SoniCloud dashboard provides unsurpassed access and insights about monitored devices.

If you are unsure about automatic wireless monitoring here is what you need to know.

Thousands of organizations in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, life sciences, and IT industries have already deployed automatic wireless monitoring, or are planning too in the near future. If you are unsure if automatic monitoring is right for your organization we've outlined key points you should consider before making a decision.

1. Automated monitoring provides redundant safeguards for significantly better asset protection and faster response to alerts than manual logging or data loggers.

a) Redundant Alerts: SMART Alerts notify users if temperature, room pressure, sound, or other variables exceed preset limits. Additionally, users are alerted if loss of power, loss of data transmission, or low battery charge occurs. If no users respond, all alerts auto-escalate to the next designated user to ensure a timely resolve of alarms occurs. System buffers prevent false alerts from occurring.

b) Data Protections: If a network interruption should occur, onboard data storage and the DataSync feature ensures no loss of data transmission to the cloud. The system will store all data locally, and send to the cloud when a connection is re-established. The SoniCloud platform features unlimited data storage and is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) the industry leader in cloud data security, redundant servers, and system reliability.

c) Power Redundancy: Sonicu's wireless hardware operates on 110V, battery operated, or both.
Onboard, rechargeable Li-ion battery ensures continuous monitoring, even during power outages!
Diagnostic Indicators give instant visibility into power status, connectivity, and battery status.

2. Automatic wireless monitoring is easy to acquire and easy to deploy.

a) Low cost, wireless sensors install almost anywhere without building modifications or IT support, and can even stream monitored data into existing server based, BAS's (building automation systems) for seamless integration with legacy systems. The Sonicu system scales up easily to add new monitoring, or move existing sensors to remote locations as needed. 

b) The Installation Wizard makes setup fast, so you can begin monitoring right away. The software and user interface is logically designed and easy to use. Online training videos and unlimited live support is included.

c) All hardware is fully warranted, and updates and maintenance are performed remotely by Sonicu so there is no burden on IT. Network options include: WiFi, 4G/5G, 900MHz, and Ethernet.

2. Automatic wireless monitoring provides data-driven insights into your operation.

a) SoniCloud Dashboard provides unlimited 24/7 access to all monitoring via phone, tablet, or PC. View system-wide info, specific locations, and even specific devices in real time. Powerful analytic and reporting software makes sense of your data to identify trends and problem areas.

b) SMART Tools configure and auto-generate managerial and regulatory compliance reports so reporting is automatic, and the data needed to pass audits for Joint Commission, CDC/VFC, HACCP and other regulatory bodies is always at hand.

3. Sonicu's automatic wireless monitoring has the lowest cost of ownership and highest ROI.

a) Choose from Standard, Premium, or Enterprise subscription options to ensure a “best fit” solution.

b) Subscription based service lowers overhead and includes unlimited users, unlimited data storage, PLUS all software and firmware updates and maintenance are included and performed by Sonicu.

c) The “SNAP” Calibration program (option) automatically provides NIST calibrated sensors when needed to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance.

A few simple calculations quickly demonstrate significant ROI.

We've outlined a basic example of ROI calculation below, knowing that every organization will have different requirements and labor rates, but using this example you can quickly use your own information to calculate your expected ROI. Contact us for help calculating ROI for your unique situation. 


Sonicu is the leading USA based provider of automated remote monitoring solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, data centers, and more.

To discuss your needs call: (317) 468-2345 or email: info@sonicu.com.

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