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Arranta BIO Selects Sonicu Monitoring

Posted by Joe Mundell on Aug 6, 2020 9:25:33 PM




Recently, Watertown MA based Arranta Bio, (a contract development and manufacturing organization) tapped Sonicu to provide:

  • Cold-temperature monitoring for refrigerators, lab freezers, and ULT (ultra-low temp)  -80˚ freezers.
  • Monitoring of ambient room temperatures and relative humidity for clean rooms and labs.
  • Oxygen level monitoring to ensure desired ambient oxygen levels are maintained.

Arranta Bio partners with a wide range of private and public entities seeking to develop and commercialize therapies targeting the human microbiome. The microbiome refers to the genetic material of literally trillions of microbes – bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses – that live inside and on the human body.

As a pharmaceutical process developer and a provider of cGMP manufacturing services, Arranta Bio adheres to FDA guidelines for cGMP entities. Sonicu's cloud-based monitoring provides 24/7 assurance that valuable assets are protected and secure.

One reason Arranta Bio chose Sonicu is the platform provides 3-tiered redundancy. Redundant power supply (12V adapter and onboard battery backup), data storage (Cloud and onboard SD card) and data transmission (DataSync lossless data transfer). Redundancy provides peace of mind knowing that monitoring will not be interrupted and no data will be lost, even if a power loss or network interruption occurs. The Sonic platform keeps operates independently of local networks or BAS systems.

Other benefits Sonicu provided Arranta Bio include:

  • Best-in-Class Asset Protection – Powerful SMART Alarm Handler.
  • SoniCloud Dashboard - Provides remote view of conditions from phone, tablet, or PC. View and run reports, and compliance visibility.
  • Automated Compliance Reporting for CDC, FDA, BOP, & VFC with audit logs, permanent storage, and corrective action logs.
  • Plug-and-play - Scaleable, rapid deploying hardware does not require IT.
  • ISO 17025 NIST Sensor Calibration, IQ/OQ Validation.

For more information contact Sonicu.

To learn more about Arranta Bio, visit:




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