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Protect Clean Rooms and Pharmacy Compounding Areas with SoniShield View & Mobile App

Posted by Sonicu team on May 10, 2022 1:04:01 PM




Sonicu Launches New Temperature & Room Conditions Monitoring Cloud-Connected Display Designed for Affordable BMS Integration


SoniShield View & Mobile App Protects Clean Rooms and Pharmacy Compounding Areas with Simple Interface Design, Easy Installation and Powerful Reporting


GREENFIELD, Ind. - Sonicu, one of the nation’s leading providers of temperature and room condition monitoring solutions serving healthcare as well as research and food service facilities, is announcing the launch of a new cloud-connected display device aimed at delivering safer and more efficient facilities. 


The SoniShield View is among the few wireless air pressure differential monitoring devices that can seamlessly connect to a facility's building management (or automation) system, allowing facility managers to connect operating rooms or other sensitive environments via multiple integration standards, including BACnet, Modbus, and the SoniCloud API.


“We’ve engineered the SoniShield View to serve the exacting requirements of physicians and pharmacists, and to facilitate simpler and more affordable building connectivity so facility leaders and construction managers can connect critical air pressure differential readings from across their facility into a centralized management system,” said Jason Young, Chief Technology Officer, Sonicu. 




The SoniShield View follows the release last year of the SoniShield Duo, a powerful and user-friendly wireless monitoring device and software platform that’s already deployed to some of the most dynamic and discerning hospitals and clinical settings in North America.


The SoniShield View is available for purchase now via Sonicu’s online store to existing Sonicu clients and anyone interested in upgrading their wireless room monitoring with a powerful solution trusted by some of the finest names in healthcare. 


“Our customers look to us to innovate continuously on both the hardware and software to drive even greater safety and efficiency into their operations,” Young said. 


“The Sonishield View represents the next generation of communicating devices that leverages the power of real-time room conditions monitoring with our flexible and intuitive software to deliver enhanced operational capabilities for surgeons and pharmacists who require the most exacting conditions to deliver exemplary performance.” 


Designed and assembled in the United States, the SoniShield View is a powerful and easy-to-use wireless monitoring device featuring a local Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) full-color screen, local on-board memory backup and SoniCloud’s industry leading data storage.


Hardware setup and configuration tasks are managed rapidly using the app or by Sonicu’s group of nationwide professional installers or via its growing channel partner program. 


When paired with the SoniShield mobile app, users can wirelessly configure the View in



Coupled with the simple and free SoniCloud Mobile App (for Android and iOS), users enjoy flexibility, control and convenience. 

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Like all of Sonicu’s solutions, the View is designed around delivering on Sonicu’s three key pillars: 


  • Asset Protection: Ensuring every potentially perishable item is secured with 24/7 cloud-based monitoring tied to tiered-alarming 
  • Operational Efficiency: Helping staff spend less time on manual logging and invest more energy in patient and client care 
  • Compliance Automation: Delivering reports that steamline virtually any regulatory audit or inspection while decreasing the need to maintain cumbersome paper logs 


“Ours is a singular focus: helping our clients save money by preventing the loss of precious assets and allowing them to reclaim their most valuable asset: time,” said Joe Mundell, Chief Revenue Officer. 


“We’ve grown to serve more than 500 customers across the country by helping clients big and small in every state by delivering on that promise every day. The View is part of our commitment to never stop innovating to improve the way we help our clients enhance their operations.”


The SoniShield View is ideal for monitoring ambient conditions, room pressure, and door

status in areas where monitoring is needed locally and on the cloud for greater connectivity. 


Compatible with Sonicu’s NIST certified room condition digital sensors, including temperature, humidity, and differential pressure, the View leverages the most advanced wireless technology to provide an efficient and easy-to-use wireless

monitoring experience.


Sonicu's cloud-based software platform allows for simple integration of sensor data into third-party building systems via the SoniCloud API or via a hardware integration to our BACNet/Modbus compatible Data Concentrator appliance. 


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"Sonicu's approach to BAS/BMS integration with this product eliminates the need for disruptive, expensive, and time-consuming integrations that traditionally took place with our clients,” Mundell said. 


“No more hardwiring required of each device throughout a facility can transform our customers approach to pressure monitoring projects"


Additional SoniShield View advantages include: 


  • Sonicu solutions deploy quickly and support Wi-Fi and 4G/5G LTE for powerful redundancy in virtually any environment. 
  • On-board memory storage protects data during network interruptions and automatically uploads stored data to SoniCloud via DataSync.
  • Installing the SoniShield View is a snap: simply install a three gang electrical box in a wall and run low voltage power.  A surface mounted option is also available. 
  • Sonicu’s SNAP Calibration Program ensures regulatory compliance by providing freshly calibrated NIST sensors with NIST Certificates before current sensors expire.


Sonicu has long been helping its customers connect third-party sensors into its cloud-based application for greater visibility, connectivity and convenience. 


The new SoniShield View is the ideal room conditions monitoring display and communicating device for hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities, public health clinics, research labs, data centers, food safety and industrial environments. 


Founded in 2008 with devices focused on reducing noise disturbances in neonatal intensive care units, Sonicu has evolved into one of the fastest growing temperature and environmental monitoring solutions in the United States by innovating new hardware to wireless monitoring temperature, humidity, air pressure and a host of other associated conditions. 


With customers ranging from the largest college of medicine in North America and research labs on the cutting edge of biotechnology and pharmaceutical discovery to family farms and rural community hospitals, Sonicu has fostered a reputation of innovation and affordable monitoring solutions. 


All of its hardware is assembled and distributed from its facilities in suburban Indianapolis while its support and technical teams are distributed across the United States. 


“We’re committed to serving as many facility and healthcare professionals as possible to help them improve the way they do business with robust and reliable wireless monitoring solutions,” Mundell said. “


We recognize our customers face a raft of complex challenges from disrupted supply chains impacting essential materials to rising labor costs, and our solutions help people mitigate these challenges.”