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Designed with safety, efficiency and compliance always top of mind, we’ve evolved over a decade with continuous improvements from customer feedback. Serving the healthcare, research and food service industries.

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Learn about solutions tailored to your industry

Designed with safety, efficiency and compliance always top of mind, we’ve evolved over a decade with continuous improvements from customer feedback. Serving the healthcare, research and food service industries.


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About Us

Sonicu was founded to help healthcare professionals create safer and more efficient facilities to drive better patient care. We’ve expanded to other industries focused on the same core values: safety and efficiency.

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Join a team building the future of safer and more efficient healthcare, research and food.

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S-Series Temp and Humidity Sensor

Low cost, easy installation and wide applicability. Temperature and humidity monitoring designed for virtually any monitoring challenge. 

From the leader in monitoring.


Your Conditions, From Anywhere

Sonicu's advanced yet affordable S-Series temperature and humidity sensor ensures round-the-clock monitoring of potential threats.

Whether you need to protect sensitive equipment, critical storage areas, or any other vulnerable spaces in your facility, Sonicu has you covered.

S Series is ideal for:

- Data Centers & Server Rooms

- Commercial Buildings

- Warehouse and Supply Chain

- K-12 Student Nutrition 

- Commercial Kitchens & Food processing

- Healthcare/Life Science (NIST capable)


Iphone with App screen


Simple & Rapid Deployment

The S-Series temperature and humidity sensor can be affixed to virtually anything and communicated via LoRaWAN to a central hub for secure and simple data transmission

Ideal to connect, detect  & protect any vulnerable spaces in your facility affordably, simply and securely. The S-Series is designed to be deployed without technical knowledge or support. 

S Series is designed for:

- Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens

- Government Facilities

- K-12 Student Nutrition 

- Healthcare/Life Science (NIST capable)

- Data Centers & Server Rooms

- Warehouse, Cold (Supply) Chain Facilities


Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 3.36.01 PM



Deploy sensors in patient fridges and other non-regulated areas of a healthcare facility in seconds. Connect hundreds of assets to a single hub for rapid deployment and instant configuration.

Cold Storage and Cold Chain

Collect ambient and cold storage temperature and humidity across a vast indoor space with only a single hub collecting and transmitting monitoring data from up to 500 sensors. Ideal for cold storage and heat stress monitoring applications.

Manufacturing and Food Processing

Deliver better operational awareness and protect against humidity threats in real-time. The S-Series sensor can be applied virtually anywhere, from an HVAC duct to a production line, making them ideal for areas with power and wiring constraints. Leverage the app-based install wizard app for DIY deployment.

Data Centers

High temperature and humidity levels can threaten performance and uptime but over-cooling a space will be energy intensive and costly. The S-Series sensor can be deployed simply and affordably to capture ambient conditions ideal for data center operational awareness. Protect your costly investment and drive down operational costs.

Detect, Notify, Act: Sonicu Keeps You One Step Ahead of Potential Threats

Don't wait until it's too late, take preventive measures to protect your business and equipment.

Temperature excursions and high humidity can lead to costly repairs and mold growth. Early detection is the key to minimizing damage and saving valuable resources.

Our state-of-the-art sensor technology and real-time monitoring systems are designed to deliver alerts via call, text, email, and push notifications.

From highly regulated healthcare and life science environments to K-12 classrooms and aging government facilities, the S-Series sensor and SoniCloud provide a simple and affordable solution to your monitoring challenges. 




From the kitchen to the classroom, capturing temperature and humidity data can protect students from the dangers of a malfunctioning walk-in freezer to the challenges of poor ventilation of heating and cooling. The S-Series sensor and a single hub can cover a school with minimal installation while also connecting to the BMS/BAS system.


Extreme heat or cold in a large unconditioned or even conditioned space can threaten employees and invite regulatory challenges. The S-Series temperature and humidity sensor connected to a single centralized hub is the ideal way to gather data from across a sprawling facility. Simple, app-based install wizard makes DIY deployment a breeze.


From dining facilities to capturing HVAC performance in remote or aging buildings, the S-Series sensor tied to the SoniCloud system can help facility managers bring research and facilities monitoring under a single platform. Simple deployment and instant access via the mobile app makes it ideal for facility managers on the go.

Government Buildings

Capture objective third-party data for regulatory and energy savings efforts while adding the value of instant notifications around outages and excursions. Trusted by government agencies today for reliable temperature monitoring, the S-Series makes it even easier to deploy a solution across a building, facility or enterprise.

Sonicu S-Series: Simple & Affordable

Don't let temperature excursions or humidity anomalies disrupt your work and impact your revenue or bottom line. 

Invest in the Sonicu monitoring today and enjoy the confidence of knowing that your facility boasts 24/7 visibility. 

About the size of an apple, and engineered to be even healthier for your organization's efficiency and effectiveness, the S-Series is the essential monitoring solution for the cost-conscious, compliance-focused professional. 


Safety & Visibility. Simplified.

Sonicu's alarm system allows you to handle any alert directly from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Managing comments, resolving, and snoozing are easy via the SoniCloud mobile app.

Create zones and groups so the right people see the specific monitoring conditions simply. 

SON_2023-05_Screenshot Mockups_Water Rope_Desktop_Web-Alarm_01
Water Alert 2 Iphone

Far More than just Temperature and Humidty monitoring.

The Sonicu Monitoring Platform can also include:

Water Leak Detection. 

Refrigerant Leak Detection. 

Occupancy Detection. 

Sonicu Mobile App displays an alarm dashboard for virtually any monitoring need. The dashboard display shows the status of each alarm.

The dashboard allows users to quickly identify any issues that are experiencing alarm conditions. This information is critical for maintaining safety and regulatory compliance.

Iphone with App screen

Any alert, anywhere.

Connect, Detect and Protect with SoniCloud.

Using the SoniCloud Mobile App or SoniCloud Dashboard you have the option to view the data of one point of monitoring.

You can view the specific point of monitoring and its history with easy views that can be broken down by categories of Hour, Day, Week, and Month. Simplifying and fast-tracking any regulations you need to meet. 

When coupled with the simplicity and affordability of the S-Series sensor, users enjoy a practical system that delivers maximum protection, compliance automation and enduring return on investment. 


FAQ: Answers to educate your team

What sets Sonicu's system apart?

Our cutting-edge sensor technology is designed to accurately detect even the smallest issues.

These highly sensitive sensors are strategically placed in virtually any area where monitoring is required with DIY simplicity. 

With Sonicu's advanced S-Series sensors, you can rest assured that no temperature or humidity excursion will go unnoticed.

How does Sonicu's system ensure real-time monitoring?

Our monitoring system operates in real-time, continuously analyzing the sensor data to detect any anomalies.

With our tailored software, you control when and how the alerts are dispatched, limiting false alerts that can lead to the dreaded "alarm fatigue" that can be as perilous as no alarm at all. 

As soon as an excursion is detected, the system triggers instant notifications through various channels including, phone calls, email, SMS, and push notifications to the SoniCloud mobile app.

Alarm trees ensure the right person receives the right alarm at just the right time. 

Can the alerts be customized?

We understand that every situation is unique, and your monitoring needs may differ from others.

That's why Sonicu's system allows you to customize alerts based on your specific requirements.

Whether you need alerts for specific areas, during certain time periods, or tailored to different stakeholders, our flexible alert system ensures you receive the right information at the right time.

Does Sonicu offer 24/7 monitoring and support?

Temperature challenges can occur at any time, day or night. That's why Sonicu provides round-the-clock monitoring and support, ensuring that you are protected at all times.

Our dedicated team of U.S-based experts is available to assist you in monitoring, interpreting data, and providing guidance to mitigate the impact of excursions during normal business hours while our online Sonicu Academy is available 24/7 free forever. 

How can Sonicu's system assist with compliance and reporting?

Sonicu's monitoring solutions can assist you in meeting compliance requirements, including virtually all of the regulatory agencies with jurisdiction in food.

Our system provides detailed reports and documentation, helping demonstrate your commitment to risk mitigation and due diligence.

SoniCloud Platform

The dashboard provides aggregate views of all your monitored devices and offers many auto-generated reports including:

  • Alarm History & Resolution
  • Device Summary
  • NIST Sensor Calibration
  • Data Logs / Graphical Reports
  • User Login Report

These reports can be automatically delivered to your inbox or pulled on demand for any audit or inspection. The intuitive platform is engineered on the feedback of scores of compliance professionals to make your compliance requirements less cumbersome. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 8.23.11 PM

Dashboard Access 24/7

  • 24/7 monitoring, unlimited access, advanced alarms
  • Dashboard views make it easy to manage all points of monitoring
  • Reporting tools auto-generate management and audit reports
Compressed - Laptop

The Sonicu Difference

Advanced Alarming

Cloud-based software capabilities with predictive algorithms for tailored alarming to reduce alarm fatigue and spot trends.

SMART Sensors

SMART sensors with proprietary DataSync capture. Preserve and secure data in the event of transmission interruptions.

SMART Reporting

Automated logging and reporting are unrivaled in the industry for effortless regulatory compliance.

Battery Backup

Industry-leading battery life on all sensors. In the event of a power outage, Sonicu's wireless sensors continue to keep you notified.

The Safest Network

Virtual Private Network (VPN) on Verizon's cellular platform will eliminate security concerns when transmitting data to the cloud.

Flexible Transmission

Replace server-based systems and eliminate IT concerns with a variety of transmission signals including: 4G/5G cellular, radio frequency, WiFi, and Ethernet.

Recalibration is Easy

All-digital temperature probes for easy calibration renewal with Sonicu's SNAP calibration program.

Ensuring Consistency

Service quality and connectivity reports provide a detailed analysis of system operations.

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