It’s really simple: How Sonicu works

Sonicu wireless monitoring solutions are easy to install, understand and use because of three elements: cloud-based computing using a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to track, log and report data from wireless monitors.

The Cloud

Despite its mystic quality, The Cloud is simply a metaphor for the internet, and you employ cloud computing every time you check an internet-based email provider like Gmail or Yahoo.

Sonicu’s SoniCloud software platform is accessed via the internet on Amazon Web Services, a cloud-computing provider that serves more than a million customers monthly in 190 countries. AWS is currently used by some 5,000 educational institutions and nearly 2,000 government agencies, including NASA, Netflix, Amazon Prime, the CIA and Department of Defense.

Why Cloud computing?

  • Access from anywhere at any time from any internet-enabled device.
  • Focus on core business rather than expending resources on IT infrastructure and maintenance.
  • Capitalize on cutting-edge computing without specialized knowledge and expertise.
  • Agility/Scalability – add, expand or modify capabilities and capacity without expensive IT modifications.


Sonicu’s on-demand software, SoniCloud, is easily accessed via any modern web browser. SoniCloud provides clients with automated monitoring, alarming, logging and reporting functions, which are developed, maintained and updated by Sonicu. Other than sensors and a SoniCloud subscription, there is nothing to purchase or install.

Why SaaS?

  • High adoption rate and low learning curve.
  • Low upfront costs. No licenses or user seats to purchase.
  • Continual universal updates and improvements.

Wireless Monitors

Sonicu’s wireless sensors do not require hardwiring and easily mount virtually anywhere – on equipment, walls, and ceilings – without complicated hardware or added burden on existing IT infrastructure and resources.Sensor data is automatically transmitted either independently of clients’ networks via 4G cellular radios or using clients’ existing WiFi or Ethernet connections. 

Why wireless meters?
  • Entire enterprises can be retrofitted with wireless monitoring easily and cost-effectively.
  • Fully configured wireless meters do not require technical expertise for deployment.
  • System is completely scalable and expands as needs grow by simply adding additional meters and monitoring points.